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Kitchen Remodeling | Beautiful Kitchens | Interior Design

Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen Decorating Ideas, Kitchen Decorations, Beautiful Kitchens. Follow on INSTAGRAM: In this video Rebecca walks you through the art of kitchen remodeling. From how to pick your countertops to your flooring. She’ll also show you some of the most creative ways to use space in your kitchen. Join The Design Sessions by clicking on this link:…

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Kitchen Remodel Process and Steps

In this video you will see my kitchen remodel process or kitchen remodel steps. I used a contractor for a good part of this. A lot of the detail work I did myself plus other things like relocating the gas line. What I want you to get out of this is the process so that you know what to…

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How to Hire a Carpenter

You need to hire a carpenter for carrying out several projects that cannot be done alone without an expert’s hand. But not every carpenter would be helpful to you in many regards. You need to select the one that agrees with your terms and conditions; and has enough capabilities to successfully accomplish a given project. Here are some simple…

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Dealing With Low Ceilings


Effective Ways To Deal With Low Ceilings Low ceilings do tend to get really claustrophobic and you certainly cannot deny that fact unless you’re a die-hard fan of the Lord of the Rings movie, remember the homes of the hobbits and the dwarves? So much for the fantasy trip, it can really annoying for your guests to deal with…

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Make old kitchen cabinets new

kitchen cabinets remodling

New cabinets can change the complete look of a kitchen, but installing new ones can be a very costly affair because usually a project for redesigning a kitchen completely can make you shell out a huge amount of money. Besides the money, a lot of time also gets consumed in completing the work. This is the reason why many…

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Website Design Secrets For Kitchen Remodeling Contractors | Website Transformation

When it comes to generating leads on your construction website, there’s 5 key components your website needs. Initial Gut Reaction, Easy To Use, Personalization, Show Me Factor, and Best Practices. These are probably just words you’ve heard of but don’t understand how to implement them on your website, that what the Contractor Growth Network is here to help you…

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The day has finally come to install our custom kitchenette in the basement movie theater! We could not be more excited about this complete basement kitchen remodel. This was a total theater kitchenette makeover and our minds are blown at how it turned out! #ThisIsHowWeBingham #TIHWB Yesterday’s VLOG: SUBSCRIBE and tell your friends 😉 LET’S BE FAMILY EVERYWHERE!…

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Kitchen Remodel Ideas – 5 AMAZING Budget Friendly kitchen renovation ideas!

Kitchen pulls: Stud finder: Floating Shelf Brackets: Chairs: Range hood: Kitchen Faucet: If you’re looking for some kitchen remodel ideas I encourage you to consider some of these easy to overlook kitchen makeover tips. When you are doing a kitchen makeover it’s easy to focus in on what you want the kitchen renovation…

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3 Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Memphis TN – Smith home improvement professionals

The top 3 best, most trusted and affordable kitchen remodeling contractors in Memphis as reviewed by the Smith community. Smith is the #1 kitchen remodel app to get quotes from top-rated contractors To see more about these top local businesses including their portfolio of work, reviews, ratings, and other vetting materials goto: — Here’s the list of…

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