Dealing With Low Ceilings


Effective Ways To Deal With Low Ceilings
Low ceilings do tend to get really claustrophobic and you certainly cannot deny that fact unless you’re a die-hard fan of the Lord of the Rings movie, remember the homes of the hobbits and the dwarves? So much for the fantasy trip, it can really annoying for your guests to deal with low ceilings especially if they are over 6.2 feet tall. Low ceilings can easily make your house look smaller, except if it really is very small. Besides, if you ever feel that the ceiling is going to collapse any moment, although it looks amazingly strong, then it is about time that you deal with your ceiling problem.

There are many ways that you can counter the problem of low ceilings. Given below are some of the many ways in that regard.

You can try to change the overall design of the room by adding shorter furniture that looks closer to the floor level. In this way, you can actually create an illusion of the ceiling being relatively higher. Or better yet, you can design the room in such a way that all the furniture can go to the far east rendering the room more spacious and at the same time diverting attention from the ceiling. In case of diverting attention, you can make the floor look more attractive than your ceiling by installing glass panels. This way, your floor will certainly steal the show and your visitors will not even look at your ceiling.

One of the simplest tricks in the books is to paint the ceiling. Cool colors are probably the best option. They give your ceiling the far away look. You can choose any attractive color to flaunt the ceiling. The latest craze with respect of decorating the ceiling is the new safari look. All you have to do is place tents on the ceiling. However, this look is better left for bedrooms.

If you want to add spice to the make over, approach a specialist who can then help to create a low ceiling in the shape of a dome. Apart from making the ceiling look much higher, it will also add to the décor of the home.
Make the hallway ceiling look like a museum corridor by sticking some pictures on the wall and keeping the floor dark. These designs scream out the Tuscan look, which is ever so popular.

Try to use the concept of up lighting for the rooms to give the ceiling a heightened look. Also, try to keep the ceiling and the walls in one tone, with respect to color that is.

Although low ceilings can be real turn off for most people, there are many ways to churn things up and making the most of what you.

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