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kitchen cabinets remodling

New cabinets can change the complete look of a kitchen, but installing new ones can be a very costly affair because usually a project for redesigning a kitchen completely can make you shell out a huge amount of money. Besides the money, a lot of time also gets consumed in completing the work. This is the reason why many homeowners consider kitchen cabinet refacing as a better option as compared to installation of new ones. The cost that is involved in refacing the cabinets in the kitchen is nothing compared to new installation.

It is essential to have a kitchen that looks good and functions well because your kitchen is the grand central station in your house and if you ever plan to sell your house it becomes a very important selling factor that would be taken into consideration by any potential home buyer.

Refacing generally consists of the application of a new finish to the cabinets, sprucing up the framework and installation of new drawers, hardware and doors. The refacing project does not involve ripping off the cabinets from the wall. No changes are made in the complete structure of the kitchen and even the layout is left untouched.

Paint, laminate veneer or matching wood is brought into use for resurfacing the framework of any exposed kitchen cabinet. Another cost effective method of beautifying the cabinets can be painting it with a new color that goes with look and structure of your kitchen. This will also help you get a good return on the investment. If you want to try something new then you can make a combination of the methods of staining and painting and use each method in two different kitchen areas. You can even apply stain in two colors.

Refacing also involves improvements in the kitchen cabinet components with the use of some extras like trash bins that can be pulled out, rollout shelves, drawer fonts that can flip down and racks for wine or drawer slides of high quality. You can appoint professionals to install the fire safety in kitchen or visit, but you should be ready to upgrade more because professionals can prompt you to update your countertops and flooring to match your new cabinets. You will probably even be convinced to change your faucet and sink if they are outdated. So be ready for such replacements.

If you are wondering whether refacing is good for your kitchen or not then the answer is-refacing isn’t the best for every kitchen. It cannot be done in a kitchen where there is rust on metal cabinets or cabinets are built shoddily. If the layout of your kitchen is poor and there are certain issues related to structure then refacing will be of no use. Before you opt for this method make sure whether the basic kitchen structure allows it.

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